Commercial Appliances

Regardless of the type of fare you’ll be presenting on the menu of your next food service project, having the right type of appliances in your kitchen is essential for success.

Commercial Appliances
Commercial Appliances
The team at Losurdo Inc. can help design your kitchen and recommend appliances that are ideal for the specific needs of your business. While the needs of each of our clients are unique, a quick look at essential commercial appliances a new restaurant typically needs below:

Commercial Refrigerators and Grill. In order to ensure your food inventory remains fresh, it’s crucial that you install a quality, durable commercial refrigerator. And whether you’re serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers or entrees, you’ll probably also need a commercial grill.

Ice Machine. An essential for serving cold drinks.

Oven. You’ll need a reliable commercial oven to prepare a range of menu items. Similarly, if you plan to serve fried foods, you’ll need a deep-fryer.

A Point-of-Sale System and Printer. Necessary for managing orders and accepting payments.

Dishwasher. Another obvious essential appliance for cleaning your dishes and flatware.

Exhaust Hood. An exhaust hood safely directs smoke, heat and steam safely away from your kitchen.

Food Processor, Mixer and Blender. You’ll need these appliances to slice, dice, chop and blend the ingredients of your menu items like soups, sauces and smoothies.

Meat Slicer. If you’ll be serving sandwiches, you’ll need this for slicing deli meats and cheeses.

Commercial Mixer. Needed for mixing batter and dough.

Freezer. A commercial-grade freezer is a must for storing your frozen foods.

Microwave. Essential for preparing and reheating dishes.

For expert guidance on which commercial appliances you’ll require for your food service project get in touch with the team at Losurdo Inc. today!

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