If you need experienced guidance to help you with the planning stages of your next bar project, consult with the team at Losurdo Inc.

Quality Equipment
Hiring Losurdo Inc. to design a bar for you includes the installation of equipment ideal for bar-type environments. From the furniture items that will fill up the space and provide comfortable seating for your customers to essential appliances such as refrigerators, we can help provide a broad range of important components you’ll need. There is also the type of materials to consider, such as concrete or granite bar tops, to present the aesthetic you want.

A Variety of Services
Designing a new bar is not just about arranging furniture and designing a layout. It also entails establishing a unique brand that makes your bar stand out from the others in your local area. Our team can advise you on critical elements of your branding such as logos and the signage you’ll display on the inside and outside of your establishment.

Comprehensive Planning
Our bar design and planning team will coordinate with you throughout each critical stage of your bar project. They will take the time to assess the space to set the appropriate dimensions for your design. It is important to improve upon and adjust to the size and layout of any existing features of the location where your bar will be designed and installed.

An important step in the initial design process includes verifying if the location complies with local regulations and standards to ensure it’s a safe place to install a bar. Once this step finishes, the information collected can be utilized to create the design and implement planning.

For expert support through each stage of your next bar project contact Losurdo Inc. today! We’ve helped bars of all themes and sizes begin and thrive for customers throughout Chicagoland and nationwide!

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