Losurdo Inc,

We offer complete food service facilities planning and design services, integrating both "front and back of the house," into a total concept solution. The final result is an efficient and effective project, on time and within budget.

Our range of services includes:

  • Meetings as required to ascertain the requirements of the project.
  • Schematic drawings showing space allocated for the kitchen and dining areas based on client's menu, budget, and building parameters.
  • Development of preliminary floor plans and/or preliminary interior pencil sketches and, upon approval, the final floor plans and/or final interior pencil sketches.
  • Mechanical and electrical rough-in plans for all kitchen equipment.
  • Complete kitchen equipment specifications and bidding documents.
  • Submission of equipment brochure books and plans to client, governing health authorities, and mechanical trades for approval.
  • Purchase, consolidation, delivery and installation of all kitchen equipment and fixtures-furnishings, including approval of shop drawings and coordination with field conditions.
  • Periodic visits to the site to determine the progress and quality of the work for compliance with specifications.
  • A complete list of all service agencies for kitchen and dining room equipment submitted at the completion of each project.
  • Customer Service & Support

The scope of services and fees will be outlined in writing at the beginning of each project.
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